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The programmer is the second professional responsible for the creation of a website. He is as important as the designer, though not so well-known as him. Programming a website is translating a design into HTML code, i.e. the language that Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc can read. Without programming, then, a Web page is nothing but a design stored in a file. Therefore the programmer is essential for your Web page to be what you want it to be –without him there is no website, just a file inside your computer.

The HTML code is what guarantees the correct screen sight and functioning of a website, i.e. that its surfing conditions are alright, that its buttons work, that its links take the users where they should be taken, etc. Some programs exist that generate this code automatically, while design is in progress. Nevertheless, it is difficult for the search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, MSN) to read these auto-generated codes, this resulting in bad Web positioning. Instead, hiring a programmer will ensure you good Web positioning, which makes things easier for the SEO, too (see the section below The SEO).

Right now you must be wondering how to get in touch with a programmer. Easy: although unknown to the public in general, there are many of them. You have three options:

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  • 1. Just like you can hire a freelance designer, you can hire a freelance programmer. What is more, as designers often work in partnership with the same programmers, the very designer you hire might recommend you someone for the job.
  • 2. You can hire a Web design agency. If so, this agency will provide you with both the programmer and the designer. By doing this you will save yourself the search, but will also lose the privilege of choosing.
  • 3. You can hire a designer who is knowledgeable about HTML language. Some Web pages are easy to program, so a designer will do.

Anyway, whatever hiring method you choose, what is really important is for you to know that programming is truly essential. Yes, this activity is not so famous, but your website depends on it.

In spite of what many people think, it is not advisable to allocate too much money to Web design and just a little to programming -to work as it should, a website needs good programming. So be aware: in importance, the programmer’s work is quite equal to that of the designer.

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